Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer WordPress Plugin

September 25th, 2009


Current Version: Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer 1.8.3
Last Updated: 19/03/2013


This plugin not only automatically changes any Amazon link on your site to use your affiliate ID, but it also changes the link to point to the user’s local Amazon store.

So if your visitor is visiting from the UK they’ll get a link to, if they’re visiting from the US they’ll get a link to the same product on Initially, the script looks for a product with the same product ID as the one in your link, but if it can’t find one on the user’s local store, it will link to a search results page searching for the name of your product. This means that it will still be found even if international versions have different product IDs, and if it’s not stocked at all, your user will be shown similar alternatives.

All you have to do is provide all your affiliate IDs!


If you are having any problems with the script, please read the FAQ which solves most common enquiries.

Non-Wordpress version

If you want to achieve the same result on a non-Wordpress site, you can simply install the pure JavaScript version.

See also: Greasemonkey Script

As an Amazon user, you may also be interested in my Amazon Link Localizer Greasemonkey Script which automatically converts links to international Amazon sites into links to your local Amazon site.

So if I link to a product on, and you are a US visitor, you will get a link to that same product on instead.


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If you find this plugin helpful and it’s increasing your sales. please consider donating just $1 or more to say thanks for the many, many hours I’ve spent on it. I’d really appreciate it!


If you do not insert your own affiliate IDs the script will use mine. Hopefully this will help fund my book addiction!

40 Responses to “Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer WordPress Plugin”

  1. Marko says:

    Hi Pete,

    Great idea.
    Just a quick question: does your plug-in work with other Amazon plug-ins like Amazon Showcase or Amazon Widgets Shortcodes?

  2. I’ve not tested it, but it should do!

    Give it a go and let us know!

  3. Martin says:

    Hi Pete! – love the idea, I started to create multilingual sites and your plugin might be a great help.

    Maybe you have an idea how to solve a little problem that I ran into:

    many titles are not available from all Amazon stores. In those cases your script still converts the link, which leads to a nasty 404 when the visitor clicks it, since lets say does not know that particular ASIN… any chance to circumvent that or include a check if the ASIN exists at the target store?

    cheers, big thanks for the plugin, and all best

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  5. AF says:

    I have tested your plugin and it works great for a single product page, But it is not working when I try to link to an artist’s page. Is there a way to use your plugin to pages besides individual products. Thanks

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  8. Peter says:

    yes, it work. Thank for sharing this plugin

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  10. Martin – Version 1.3 has resolved this issue. The plugin now checks to see if your local Amazon store sells the product and only redirects link if it does.

    AF – This has also been resolved in version 1.3. Any links to Amazon will now be affiliated, not just direct product ones.

  11. Nick P says:

    Does this work with the latest version of WordPress (2.9.1)?

    The plug-in seems to do what I want but when I go to install it, it seems to only support up to 2.8.6

  12. GGS says:

    Hi.. I am just wondering a few things about this plugin, like (is there a rule) do you need to put the original link as a link from (and it will convert it into .ca or uk or other sites) or can you put in a link from and it wil also convert it to an link?

    Secondly, doesn’t have things like clothing or toys, if I put in an link for clothing or toys, what will happen if someone clicks on the link, do they still go to or what? Thanks very much

  13. Sonu says:

    awesome plugin, thanks for your efforts (-:

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  15. Tom says:

    Been looking for something like this all day. Got it working on one of my blog. Thanks for the plugin work perfectly.

  16. @GGS – The original link can be to whatever store you like and the script will redirect it to the visitor’s local one. If a local site does not sell the product you are linking to, it will keep it pointing to the original store, but will add your affiliate ID.

  17. @Nick P – Yes, it works fine.

  18. Marc Black says:

    Thanks Pete!
    This is the Amazon plug-in I’ve been looking for. don’t know why it has eluded my eyes until now.

    - Marc

  19. Josip says:

    Hi Pete,

    You’ve made a wonderful and useful plugin, so thanks for that.

    One question: does the plugin work when using a redirect link like recommends/product.php that redirects to Amazon?



  20. Hi Josip, no I’m afraid that will not work as the plugin looks for the URL, eg…. so if there is no Amazon link present it will not be able to change it.

  21. Josip says:

    Hi Pete,

    I installed the plugin on several of my WP sites, but it doesn’t seem to be working and there’s no way I know how to test it out for myself, without traveling to each country.

    Also, my Google Webmaster Tools account for each site says that the …/wp-content/plugins/amazon-affiliate-link-localizer/ajax.php isn’t found. Could that be part of the problem?

  22. sigit says:

    hi..very great plugin..thanks for information

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  24. Kirsten says:

    Great plugin, thanks for sharing it!
    I don’t suppose you have any plans to add the abililty for the plugin to make the amazon links nofollow? That would be awesome… :)

  25. This is the plug in I’ve been searching for.
    Brilliant for affiliates as getting away from purely English speaking customers can be so profitable.

    I just wish Amazon would hurry up with the Spanish site.

  26. John says:

    I cant get it to work. Its not changing the amazon link i put in the post. Ive entered my tracking id’s is there any thing else to configure?

  27. Hi John, no that should be it. Can you please send me a link to your site so I can see what is going on.

  28. Phil says:

    hey pete.

    i recently got word that amazon has banned some affiliate accounts because of their link cloaking practices, and was basically told to not cloak any amazon afflinks.

    is your plugin something that amazon frowns upon? i hope not.

    can you just clarify this, as i would like to continue to use it without worrying about my amazon account getting banned…


  29. Hi Phil, no I’ve not heard any reason why this would be frowned upon. As far as I can see, it’s not in breech of the terms and conditions, and I don’t know of anyone having had a telling off/banning for it.


  30. Mikel says:

    After talking to Pete about this, and thinking it was not working after running some tests, it turns out and are reporting clicks coming from my sites, so it seems the plugin is in fact working fine for real visitors.

    So, guys, don’t just rely on using web proxies to change your IPs in order to test whether the plugin works, the best thing to do IMO is to install and configure it, and wait for real data from Amazon.

    Thanks a lot for this great plugin, Pete!

  31. Martin says:

    Can you tell me how this works in relation to existing affiliate links?

    I already have affiliate links on my site, complete with my affiliate id. Will this plugin re-direct, e.g. a Canadian visitor to and a Uk visitor to or does it only work on plain, unaffilliated amazon links?


  32. Hi, yes it will work fine in that circumstance.

  33. Kevin Smith says:

    I LOVE this plugin. I have it on many sites. But I would also love for it to have a way to hide the affiliate link itself. Like have it look like Is that possible on an update?

  34. Connie says:

    This is an awesome plugin! Love love love it! I only wish I could have an option that when the product isn’t found, it won’t default to a similar products page, but will stay on the original link. I’m a writer and occasionally my books are offered in amazon in some countries like the UK and not in others, like the US even though readers can order from across the pound if they want to. But the links going to similar product pages keep them from getting to order from a different Amazon store.

    Still, great plugin for that time when my books are available everywhere.

  35. Thanks Connie. I’ll look at making that optional in a future version.


  36. Mikael says:

    HI, thanks for your great plugin,i donated 1.00 gbp to you, ( just about all the moneyi had right now).

  37. Dan says:

    Hi Pete,

    How to test if the plugin is working? What’s your recommended way?

    Thanks for the work you put into it!

    I tried WordPress Amazon Associates, but that plugin slowed down my site dramatically.

  38. Alan says:

    Awesome widget. Thank you for it. I appreciate that it is free. If I get a payday from any out of country sales I will donate to you. Thanks again.


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