August 5th, 2009

Apple have been getting more and more bad press recently, mostly revolving around the iPhone and it’s app approval/rejection process which has become increasingly unpredictable.

Hopefully, if enough of us let Apple know what we think of them, they might just listenÂ…

Dear Apple,

Like most of the iPhone’s target audience, I’m a bit of a geek. More specifically I’m a software developer – a role which probably represents an usually high proportion of your iPhone customers.

As such, I’m rather surprised that you’ve chosen to piss us all off so magnificently with the recent heavy-handed implementation of your app-approval policy. I say ‘policy’, but as far as anyone can tell, there isn’t one.

The fact that there are websites out there dedicated to working out what the hell your policy is, makes you look a little bit silly don’t you think?

It’s a shame because the iPhone is a truly wonderful piece of kit, but personally I won’t be buying one until you sort this embarrassment out.

Yours begrudgingly

Pete Williams

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